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Sometimes life sux

If your problems are getting you down, messing you up or just plain muddling with your brain, talk to Aunty Dee. I'm here to help you figure out your problems.

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Aunty Dee

How it works

It’s ok to have problems. It’s actually quite normal to have problems. But it’s not ok when your problems make you feel trapped or overwhelmed, because that’s when things can get out of hand.  And nobody wants that. Having someone there who can help you sort out your problems could make all the difference. That’s what Aunty Dee is all about.

List your problems

Feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry or confused? By exploring your problems freely you can get to the heart of what’s worrying you or causing you pain. Getting started is the first step.

Generate ideas

There’s no need to feel stuck. Aunty Dee will guide you to think about the things you can control, and the actions you can take to help solve your problems.

Find a solution

Now you’re taking action. Aunty Dee will guide you to find the best solutions for your problem; solutions that move you positively forward in a way that works for you.

Help is closer than you think

Check out our library of tips and tricks for some of the more common problems people have, like trouble with sleeping, relationships, friends, health and school stuff. There might be something here to ease the load that’s on your mind.

A message from Aunty Tala

Aunty Tala shares her tips on the benefits of using Aunty Dee.