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Drinking a problem?

Well done! You've already taken the first step in the right direction to deal with problems around alcohol by visting this page.

The big three questions to ask yourself

  1. Ever been hurt as a results of your drinking?
  2. Anyone ever spoken to you about your drinking?
  3. Has your drinking ever got you into trouble?

If you answered yes, it might be time to cut down and reach out for support.

Making the decision to cut down on your drinking is about recognising how you and others feel about your drinking. If bad things tend to happen when you drink or your friends and family have suggested you look at your drinking, it might be time to make a change. (Health Promotion Agency -

Aunty Dee’s tips for alcohol use

  • Become an expert

Everyone can play a part in keeping our communities safe from the harm caused by alcohol. You can manage your alcohol use and prevent harm (to you or others) by first becoming an expert on the facts about alcohol and how it affects you and the people around you. Read Le Va’s plain language guide Inu Ora in English, Samoan or Tongan languages to find out more. You can also visit to check out tools and advice to change your drinking.

  • Talk to someone

Talking helps us process our thoughts and feelings and reach out for help when we need it – whether it’s with a trusted mate, family member, school teacher, church minister, a helpline, or sports coach, we need to talk to let others know what we’re going through.

For confidential and free advice and help call:
- 0800 787 797 alcohol helpline
- 0800 787 799  Pasifika line
- 0800 787 798 Māori line
Or text ‘adh’ to 234 and you will receive a text back to see how your needs can be met.